Video of the finals problem at the SpotThis year I have been focusing on climbing in competitions as well as climbing outside. Since I can still compete in the ABS youth series, I have been trying to stay motivated to train for gym climbing. It is hard to maintain a sense of motivation to climb inside while the temps have been so good outside.

IMG 0535 from Greig Seitz on Vimeo.

In January, I went to the ABS Youth Divisional Championship in Tucson, Arizona. During this competition, I met many awesome climbers. The excitement level was high with all my friends and competitors supporting each-other. I wasn’t feeling very well that weekend in Arizona, but I ended up placing fourth. Placing that high at divisionals secured me an invitation to compete in ABS Nationals.

After this competition, I competed at the Spot Bouldering Gym. During the qualifying round, I climbed very well. The problems were extremely well set with big holds and big dynamic moves. This is how the Spot set during the qualifying round. I climbed well enough on these problems to make finals.

The finals problem was great. The beginning of the problem was slightly technical. Halfway through the problem, I faced out toward the crowd. This led into an all points off dyno. After the dyno, I climbed into some more powerful climbing. I ended up placing third in this competition under Daniel Woods and Dave Graham.

I am now focusing my time and attention on training for ABS Youth Nationals, which will be held in Colorado Springs next month. I have been doing most of my training at Miramont Lifestyle Fitness in Fort Collins. I look forward to climbing on the well set boulder problems at the next competition.


About Greig

My name is Greig, and I started climbing when I was fourteen-years-old. When my neighbors took me to the gym for the first time, I was hooked. Instantly I became a gym rat. I probably climbed six days a week. After summer ended, when school started, it was hard for me to get used to the fact that I couldn't go climb every day. Climbing for me in unlike every other sport. No matter what, you can always push yourself to climb harder. There is always another harder climb. When I stand on top of a hard climb, that feeling of accomplishment is great. Climbing is also so much fun.

Right now I am only sixteen years old. I'm still in high school. As of now, I have only been climbing for two years, and I have already climbed v10. I am super psyched to see how far I can push my limits when it comes to climbing.

1) Who has impressed you most in this last year?
Adam Ondra, Daniel Woods, and Ian Dory have definitely impressed me. They have all been climbing super well, sending hard projects outside. They definitely keep my psyched about climbing.

2) Describe a time when someone has helped your climbing?
Paul Dusatko keeps telling me to hang low on slopers. When you learn to hang off of slopers, it definitely makes climbing a lot easier.

3) Where do you see your climbing going?
This is definitely a hard question. I hope I'll be able to climb harder boulders. Hopefully, I'll be able to climb at a professional level, like Ian Dory.

4) How do you deal with fans chasing you all the time?
I just try to keep everyone psyched to climb. If I have to sign a couple people's back to keep them psyched to climb, I'm happy to do that!
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