Flashed Mats have been engineered for high performance and durability. Quality foam is the starting point of a safe mat. Flashed foam has a high cell count which translates into the ability to absorb more kinetic energy from impact and a longer time to break down; higher performance and higher durability. Every cover is built to take a beating. Flashed covers are made from 1000d Nylon, use thick thread for seams, and utilize hypalon and double bar tacks in high stress points. Our modular harness system is made to adjust to any body type and provide maximum comfort. Stabilizer straps attached to the mat and modular harness pulls the mat to the back and equally applies pressure to the shoulders and chest.

Accelerometer Testing - measures the g-forces upon impact from a free-falling object. More info
Dynamic Fatigue Testing - measures in g-forces the breakdown of a landing system over time. More info