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From day one, innovation has been the Flashed mantra. This philosophy pushes each idea, design and product to perform to higher standard.

Flashed was founded in 1996 and has produced innovative ideas and products, flooring testing and Flashed AIR Technology, to name a couple, that are a one and only in the climbing industry. This drive to come up with innovative solutions leads the industry to greater heights.

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An Accelerometer is a device that measures the acceleration experienced relative to freefall. In climbing terms this device will measure the G-Forces felt by a climber when landing on a mat or flooring system. To replicate this feeling, Flashed has built an Accelerometer that uses a head-form to measure the G-Forces when it is dropped. Currently there are no requirements for flooring or mat specifications, but the standard for impact safety is to protect the head. The Car Industry and Children's Playground Industry use an Accelerometer for testing and have created an ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standard for measurement. Flashed methods are based on these requirements. Read More
Climbing is a dangerous sport! Although measures of risk mitigation and protection are put in place this does not mean all injuries will be avoided or can be avoided. Anyone undertaking the sport of climbing/bouldering assumes the risks associated. With that being said annual inspections for all aspects of climbing terrain should be conducted to identify potential hazards or wear and tear. Flashed has 15 years experience and knowledge in wall construction, anchors, climbing equipment, and landing systems. Flashed Inspectors provide a thorough examination of these areas and provide feedback to address any concerns. Read More
Flashed is located next to the Calgary Climbing Centre that utilizes our flooring systems that are put to the test on a daily basis. This advantage and 15 years experience building crash pads and flooring systems, we are able to test and prototype different foam matrices, foam types, and ways to make landings safer. This experience gives Flashed a great working knowledge of the climbing gym industry. With our Accelerometer and Dynamic Fatigue Tester, knowledge of landing systems, and experience in a climbing gym we are able to give credible feedback to all systems. Flashed innovations and belief in quality landing systems offer durability, reliability, performance, and peace of mind.
Flashed has produced landing systems for all applications; bouldering crash mats, modular mats, and flooring systems. Our flooring systems provide a uniform surface that reduce injury and give you peace of mind. Whether it is a modular system for a small area or a stationary landing surface for a large facility, we have you covered. Read More